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While the last 12 months has been challenging for everyone, I feel more passionate about the work of No Limits Perth than ever before.  As life becomes harder, we need to speak up and advocate for those who have no voice. Not everyone is in control of their circumstances, but we are all in control of our choices, both good and bad.  Whilst everyone has at some time or another made mistakes, we still believe that everyone should have a second chance in starting over fresh without judgement.  


Our mission is to continue to create a sustainable organisation, focused on the philosophy to turn unwanted items into opportunities for others. It is important for us to pass on items to people in crisis that are in a clean, working condition.  For anyone receiving our help will know that we’ve deliberately thought about what they might need, that the items are “fit for purpose” or ready to wear and that in turn creates the unspoken message that each person matters, and we want them to feel valued and respected.


There is no monetary value in treating people with kindness and integrity.  Whilst many people with very little believe they don’t deserve much, it’s certainly not what we believe.  Offering someone a meal or a drink or a hand up is not charity, it’s just mere humanity. Somehow in our very busy lifestyles of computers and information technology, we can easily lose sight of what is truly important and to our team, it’s people and our relationships with one another. We have seen time and again that one random act of kindness can be life changing for someone who has lost hope and improves their health, wellbeing and outlook on life in just reaching out and extending that helping hand expecting nothing in return.


Over the last year, the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic and disruption to our lives have highlighted the importance of sustainable and long-term relationships and the need for both funded and un-funded organisations to collaborate.  Surely our goal of making a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community is the same within the Social Services sector?  Or have we truly lost the passion of genuinely caring? I sincerely hope not and I can assure you, that our amazing team within this very special organisation is as compassionate and caring and kind as the day we started – perhaps just a lot wiser!


Over the last financial year, we have seen our volunteers using their skills set in various ways in their volunteering work and the growth within our team has been a joy to witness. The culture within No Limits Perth has always been one of belonging, safety and family, and as this organisation continues to grow and expand, with new people continually being added to our team, we have been able to continue to meet the ever-increasing demand for our service.  This unique charity culture brings about a level of trust and a story of hope, resilience, and camaraderie through the good times and the bad.


Our successful application to LotteryWest at the end of December 2021, covered our rent for joint warehouses for 2022 and also allowed us as a team to engage a business consultant to evaluate our business model and to investigate ways on how to remain sustainable. We cannot express how grateful we are for their extreme kindness, generosity and support. Thank you!


With financial donations continuing to increase each year, it is allowing us to both increase our capacity in helping to meet the demand in these challenging times of helping others and has also allowed us to pay for a casual part time driver and warehouse coordinator.  Both these roles are critical in supporting my role in the day to day running of the organisation.  We have also seen a lot more support with practical donations of items through local businesses and schools, while our long-term partners have remained consistent and for this we are truly grateful, thank you!


Amongst others, one of our greatest challenges remains that we need a permanent home for No Limits Perth.  While we explore the various possibilities and possibly some changes in our business model, moving forward - one thing is guaranteed - we will continue to remain passionate and more determined than ever, to advocate and speak up for those who have no voice, one random act of kindness at a time!  I believe that each one of us has something to bring to the table and I believe that together we are stronger and only together can we truly bring about a positive change in helping those around us to make good choices.  Mental health is escalating at a rapid rate and the trauma many children face, means they grow up as hurting, broken adults. Parents of young children, you have a tough road ahead in raising our next generation and we want to support you and encourage you to teach your children the true value of love, kindness, gratitude, respect, honesty and gratitude.  May we take up the challenge of being that voice that speaks up and protecting the most vulnerable members of our community – whatever the age – because crisis does not discriminate!


Thank you to our professional Board of volunteers who remain committed to the governance of this charity with honesty and integrity. Thank you to our volunteers who have given countless hours of selfless, dedicated time in helping others. Thank you to our loyal partners and sponsors who continue to support us to keep our doors open. Thank you to every person in our entire community who has donated practically or financially, without your generosity and kindness, it would be impossible to continue.


Yours sincerely



Janine Wood

(Chairperson – No Limits Perth Inc)

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