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About Us

​No Limits Perth, a dedicated non-for-profit organisation, has been at the forefront of providing critical emergency support services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals in Perth's northern suburbs. Established in 2015 by Janine Wood, Belinda Hawes & Debbie Jordaan, this charity emerged from a pressing need within the community for a comprehensive range of support services. We are dedicated to supporting families experiencing hardship by providing essential household items and assistance to help them rebuild their lives. At the heart of No Limits Perth lies a commitment to kindness, offering life-changing assistance without expectation of reciprocation, embodying the true spirit of community support.  ​ The organisation specialises in offering essential aid, including but not limited to, access to food, household, furniture, personal hygiene items, and emergency accommodation. This support extends to a diverse group facing adversity, including victims of family and domestic violence, those affected by disasters, the elderly in hardship, the homeless, financially distressed individuals, and families with children undergoing medical treatment in Perth.

Giving Back to the Community

Get to Know Us

Every item donated by the community, be it clothing, furniture, or other essentials, is given directly to those in need at no cost. This principle of unconditional giving not only fosters kindness but also cultivates a sense of belonging and resilience within the community. 

Board Members

No Limits Perth is made up of a group of ordinary people, passionate, determined and focused on building parterships and long-term relationships - united with the same vision, same heart and same mission to make a difference - one random act of kindness at a time!

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